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How To Create A Blog On Blogger | Blogging Pro Tips | Customer Supports

How To Create A Blog On Blogger  Customer Supports 

Blogger could be a platform wherever you'll produce a blog free of charge while not a penny. There are several alternative sites wherever you'll produce blogs as an example Weebly, Wordpress, Posterous, Tumblr however blogger is better of them. Blogger is that the product of Google, that lets individuals share their tricks, views, tips, product or something with others.
How To Create A Blog On Blogger Blogging Pro Tips
                                            How To Create A Blog On Blogger
Its very simple to make a blog in blogger and your blog is totally in your hands, it's up to you ways you style your blog, what variety of the content you retain in your blog, what variety of ads you add in your blog, etc. In different words, there's no one to mention something you'll be able to do whatever you wish. Blogging isn't about sharing ideas, tips, product or anything however it's additionally an awfully easy method of earning money online. Blogger has developed an app for iPhone and android with that you'll be able to post your articles from anyplace anytime.

 Features of the blogger:

The first feature of blogger is summary wherever you'll be able to see the latest updates of your blog like comments, these days page views, total posts, followers and a graph that shows your traffic stats.
The second is post wherever you'll see what number posts are in draft or published. you'll edit them here.
After posts, the different possibility is commented that shows you ways several comments you have got approved to indicate and the way many are spam.
The fourth is Google+ wherever you'll manage where to share your updates whether or not on your own profile or any page you created on Google+ But recently Google disclosed the G+ platform.
After Google+, there's an alternative choice of stats that describes your blog's traffic concisely. It shows today's traffic, yesterday's traffic, Last month's page views, all the time traffic, countries of tourists, the pages they need to be visited and traffic sources.
Another possibility is earnings if you have got a Google AdSense account your earnings can show over here.
A new feature is additionally value-added that campaigns wherever you'll produce ads of your posts which is able to show up in Google searches. it's terribly simple thanks to increasing your journal traffic however its price.
After campaigns, there's a layout possibility wherever you'll modification favicon of your journal, choose a navigation bar, add description, title or image to header, edit journal posts settings and add or take away a contraption to your blog.
After the layout, there's guide possibility with that you'll customize or edit your journal template and might opt for another template for your blog.
After all choices, there's a final and extremely necessary possibility of settings that helps you to regulate posts and comments settings, basic settings, search preferences, language, time zone, date and different.

Don't Miss:

For making a blog you wish a Gmail account and you have got to follow the below steps.

 How To produce A Blog?

                                     How To produce A Blog?

How To produce A Blog?

(1). produce a Gmail account initial and build your profile.

(2). currently, attend and sign up to your account.

(3). when the language in you may see below page.

(4). Click New journal to make a blog, when you click it the popup window can open as shown below.
(5). currently provides a title to your journal which is able to be the name of your blog, and choose a URL or net link for it. typically your required URLs don't seem to be obtainable. watch out of getting a title kind of like blog's URL because it is going to be useful for SEO( program optimization). for instance, your blog's title is your blog then choose an analogous link as I have chosen

(6). Below the Address possibility, you'll see the guide which suggests, however, your journal can look? there are several templates like easy, Dynamic, image windows, amazing Iraqi National Congress, Travel, etc. choose one among them that you prefer, I like easy because it appears sensible.

(7). when filling and choosing your selections click produce journal! Congratulations! your blog is formed and prepared to use.


Creating a blog isn't tricky, the tricky factor is SEO and traffic. Its the foremost common drawback for all blog, however, don't worry for creating your blog SEO friendly you don't ought to notice tips anyplace else,  we can assist you. Click here for SEO tips. you'll conjointly get blogger tips/tricks and gadgets.  

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