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Doubts You Should Clarify About How to Join Quora Partner Program.?

Quora is a leading platform nowadays for searching questions in all over the world related to all types of question in daily life or special keywords. Recently quora overtake the Yahoo answers, which is the best queries platform, but now Quora on the Top.

Most bloggers are using the quora for optimized the blog post ranking on Google or Yahoo or earn by affiliated links in quora answers that are the too old method in these days for earning. Quora Partner Program is now paying to direct like youtube or Adsense or affiliate marketing site. 
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Join Quora Partner Program

What is the Quora partner program…?

It’s a system whereby people get micropayments for asking questions, designed to prompt the constant creation of new, interesting questions, but which so far results in the creation of duplicate, trivial questions as people try to game the system to get money.
The Quora Partner Program is an invite-only program that rewards members of the program for asking engaging, thoughtful questions. In layman’s terms, I ask a question and if I get a certain number of views I earn money on that question for up to one year. Quora displays ads on the majority of questions and answers besides questions that reference violence, sex, and NSFW content.

You are paid by connecting or creating a Stripe account and are paid once you make over $5 dollars over all of the questions you have asked. There isn’t a limit to how much you can make and in the last letter from the Program, it stated that multiple people were making thousands of dollars a month from the program, which is pretty cool for only asking questions.

I don’t know if Quora is expanding the number of people within the program, but I do know that at least one person on Quora has been banned from the program for asking over 3,000 questions in 2 weeks, which leads me to assume he was using a bot to generate questions or somehow violated the rules of the partner program.
 I appreciate the simple strategy too and proves that using Google for research can help to make a big difference. In fact, there’s a free keyword tool called ‘Answer The Public’ which I use sometimes to help with blog content. I definitely think it can help with Quora questions too.

And while on the subject of “Questions” and earning revenue from them, is it necessary to be the first to answer your own question or is it just an extra step you take for encouraging engagement from the Quora community and attracting traffic from Google?
A simple way to look at how the algorithm works is that the more views you get on a question the more money you will earn on that question. This obviously varies and it seems to me that tech related questions earn a lot more money per view, compared to other questions, but that is for another answer.

I’m sorry I’ve rambled for a while and I hope my musings have been able to somewhat answer your question.

You can always check out my profile and follow me to see some of my musings, questions, and see my YouTube channel, and other socials.
How much does the Quora Partner Program pay?
How much the Quora Partner Program pays really depends on you.

You are paid against the ad revenue that your questions generate.

So write good quality engaging questions and get paid.

But according to Quora, there is no limit to what you can get paid.

This is starting to sound good!

How does the Quora Partner Program pay you?
If you are a USA member then when you reach $5.00 you will be prompted to create a Stripe account and when you reach $10.00 you can request payment.
Paypal is now also an option as that is the payment the processor I was prompted to add when I accepted my invitation.

This is really interesting
You are paid for views to questions that generate ad revenue.

These views can come from members internally and also from people finding your questions externally for 1 year after you first create the question.

It is the whole idea of views outside of  Quora that gets me very interested.

You may well have noticed that Quora is well liked by Google.

You often find Quora questions on page 1 of Google.

So what if you could write questions that appeared on page 1 of Google? 

Quora Partner Program – Earnings over time
Sumi Kim a group project manager over at Quora wrote a great the piece over at Quora that explained Earnings Over Time

Basically, you earn from views internally so writing interesting questions and having a good following are key to earning from Quora.

As a result, your questions see a spike in earnings when they initially shared for a small period of time and then this drops as new content is published replacing yours.

Take a look at the screen capture above. Make a note of the earnings and where the traffic is coming from (97% internal, just 3% external)

Now compare those stats to a question that received all its traffic from outside Quora.

Both of these questions were asked before the partner the program started so no one has earned money for these specific questions.

But they show how questions can perform over a year.

If you can get your questions to rank on Google you will earn consistently from them over a year.

Questions that primarily get views internally earn less as more content is published because it just gets pushed down the line.

There is some really good news here
With the Quora Partner Program, you don’t need lots of followers to earn.

You just need to ask good questions because of good questions are picked up by Google and that is where the majority of views come from.

So the question now is.

Here is an example of a simple question that I have added that has made some pennies on Quora, will be interesting to see how it does outside of Quora

How do you find broken links on
Well, I have a strategy developing for this but as of yet, I have not written about though I will very soon and when I do I will link you all into it.

But just to give you some insight as to how I believe you can rank your Quora question here are some ideas.

1/ Research your question idea
In the same way that you do keyword research, research your questions on Google.
Pay particular notice to the Related searches and People also, ask questions
2/ Add your keyword to your title and URL
This is SEO basics
3/ Answer your own question
When you add a question write your own answer quickly so that you control the opening content for the thread.

The idea is that you get your keyword in as quickly as possible so that Google knows what your question is about and also so that the keyword phrase is picked up in the meta description for the indexed question.

Let me put it into practice and I will be back to share my results with you soon.
 Thanks for your AWESOME insights into Quora! I’ve always been in two minds over whether to commit myself to Quora since I’m already spreading myself a little thin with blogging and engaging in several communities.

But after learning about the Partner Program, getting paid via PayPal, and especially seeing your payment results makes it seem more appealing. In fact, I just set up a profile lol.

But I do see the other benefits, like gaining people’s trust, building our brands (to help with Google rankings too) and driving extra traffic to our sites. So I guess Quora is a no-brainer.

Also, how do you actually get invited to take part? Is there any criteria to meet, like you must answer so many questions, have so many views or be a part of the community for so long before you get an invite, etc?

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  1. No doubts it's amazing platform for asking questions

  2. I absolutely love the Quora Partner Program. Maybe I'm a bit odd though. I do NOT participate for income. Being paid is a great perk...but, money has NEVER been my motivation. Simply being a part of the Quora community IS. THANK YOU!

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