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Preparations You Should Make Before Using Google Plus Shut Down Use Blogger Profile On Blogger.

 Preparations You Should Make Before Using Google Plus Shut Down Use Blogger Profile On Blogger.
Using Google Plus Shut Down
Using Google Plus Shut Down

Hi Everyone if you Are a Blogger user you find a Notice on your Blogger Dashboard Like Below
You can check that Full Link here

Last year in October 2018, Google Plus’s (Google+’s) data was leaked and about 500,000 Profile were affected by this leak. Google acknowledged this issue and announced that they will soon be shutting down Google+. Later, another bug was detected that could result in risking data of about 52.5 Million users. The shutdown timeline has been released by Google. Now we have to understand how longer they works Google Plus.
Using Google Plus Shut Down
Using Google Plus Shut Down


On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. Note that photos and videos backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted, said Google.
The Timeline of the shutdown process is as follows.
 By February 4, people will not be able to create new Google+ Profile pages, communities or events.
The comments made using Google+ on Blogger will be removed starting March 7th and on all other websites, it will be removed by April 2nd.
The Google+ sign in buttons will stop working in a few weeks and in some cases, it will be replaced with the Google Sign in button.

Starting March 2019, Google+ community owners and moderators who are downloading data from their communities will gain additional data for downloading. This includes components like the Author, body, and photos for every community post in a public community,
And finally, on April 2nd, all the Google+ accounts, photos, videos, and other content will be started to be deleted. However, Photos and Videos backed up on Google Chrome will not be deleted.
But if you’re a G Suite customer, Google+ for your G Suite account should remain active. You can also expect a new look and new features soon.

You can download your Google+ Data using Google Takeout.
And the Important Part of that if you are a blogger and using Google Plus Profile On Your Blogger hosted site . You need to change your Google Profile to Blogger Profile ,  Let’s Started.

Login to and Log into your Blogger Account with Gmail Account .

Now You Can see  your blogger Dashboard if your create any blogger hosted blogs.

Now Click on Setting option in your Blogger Dashboard Menu.

Now Click on User Setting option under Setting Menu.

You  have to choose the blogger checkbox option for switching you Google plus Profile into Blogger Profile and save that Setting. Now your blogger Profile for blog is changed, but you can edit your blogger profile click on edit option

Edit your Privacy
Share my profile

Set your profile privacy as your wish want to share with your readers or not.

Show my blogs 

How many your blogs are active or not all you can set as you wish.

Show sites I follow

Which sites you follow on blogger profile.

Edit your Identity


Email address

Email address for readers to contact you.

Display name

The name used to sign your blog posts. ?

You can customize your blogger profile as you can want and Click on the Save Button.
Now your blogger profile is Saved and Changed.

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