Friday, January 4, 2019

How To Submit a Sitemap To Yandex Webmaster Tools Rank Pro SEO Done In 2019

Yandex Webmaster Tools
Webmaster For organic traffic like a Google or Bing   Yandex is the largest search engine engagements with user Yandex is the No. one Search Engine in Russia. Yandex is popular for Russian language search but, Recently Yandex shares some important reports which tell the english language is now in the trend. The monthly query is 74 million in a month in English that's why Yandex make a lot of search engine query, Yandex works with Bing and Yahoo and makes a good sense of searching in Yandex. 

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What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a tool to inform search engines and users about the structure of your site. It helps to navigate the site easily and understand the importance of any particular page compared to the whole site.

Yandex webmaster is the tool which allows the user to submit the website or blogs for getting free traffic on your site. Yandex webmaster is easy to use for new bloggers which want the organic traffic if you do blogging then your organic traffic is the main need for getting some profits, cause the organic traffic give you more better audience and customers which come for some deals.

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Webmasters can submit their Sitemap to Yandex search engine only through Yandex Webmaster Tools account. In order to add a Sitemap, you must have added and verified your site successfully. You can check out the separate article explaining how to register and verify your site with Yandex.

How To Submit  a Sitemap To Yandex Webmaster Tools

Yandex Webmaster is very simple to use first you have to visit, now you need to sign up if you already did the sign up now login in your account.

Adding a Sitemap in Yandex
Once you have successfully added your site in Yandex Webmaster Tools account, navigate to “Sitemap files” tab under “Indexing” section.
Submit your site for Yandex webmaster by add site option after adding your site now type the sitemap file address like below

Enter your XML Sitemap URL in the box and click on the “Add” button to submit your Sitemap. Ensure to submit the correct version of HTTP or https and with or without www in the URL. Once submitted, you will see the status as “Processing queue“.

Now submit the site by click on the sumbit button, After clicking the submit button they ask you for  verifying your domain by meta tag or a text file which upload on your domain root directory, you have to choose a suitable option

One Sitemap Optimized Google Webmaster Rank Pro SEO Done In 2019

I suggest to you for meta tag  option which  have pasted on your site <head> </head> section . after pasting that code on your site make sure you refresh your site, and you click on verify site button, now Yandex crawler bots verify your site by meta tag in a few second site verification is done.

Now your site is submitted for Yandex webmaster. Your site articles take time for rank in Yandex  you check the  report after 72 hours,

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