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7 SEO Tips on How To Optimize Yahoo and Bing Webmasder Tools Rank Pro SEO Done In 2019

 7 SEO Tips on How To Optimize Yahoo and Bing  Webmasder Tools Rank Pro SEO Done In 2019

SEO 2019
Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing Webmaster Tools isn't as useful of a tool as Google Webmaster, but it's still necessary to have. If you want to be found on search engines, making sure your site is indexed by all major engines (Google and Bing/Yahoo) is very important. In order to get started with Bing Webmaster Tools you will need a microsoft account. If you already have an account, go ahead and sign in with it. Otherwise, you will need to create an account, you can use any email address to do so.
Once signed in you will have the opportunity to add a website to your account. Enter the URL including the http.
Once you have entered the URL you will be prompted to add a sitemap. It is always recommended that you add a sitemap. The sitemap for Bing must be on the same domain as the URL you have entered. This will not be an issue for most websites, however some site builders use alternate URLs.

Verify Site Ownership

Once you have added the site, you will need to verify ownership with Bing before they allow you to view metrics. There are three options to do this.
·         Place an XML file on your web server (Recommended)
·         Add a meta tag to your home page (Second favorite)
·         Add CNAME record to DNS (last resort)

Place an XML file on your web server

This is generally the easiest option, however you do need to have FTP or other file manager access. All you do is download is a small XML file to your computer and then upload that file to your site. The file needs to be placed in the same folder location as your home page.

Add a meta tag to your home page

If you don’t have FTP access to your website (usually due to your site builder), then the meta tag is what I recommend. This does involve having access to your home page’s HTML head section. You will need to find the head section in the HTML and paste in the meta tag that Bing provides. Do not edit anything else unless you know what you are doing.
Note: Some site builders (like Google Sites) take the msvalidate.01 and remove the . making it msvalidate01. This prevents Bing from authenticating your site. The workaround is to change the . to a -. So your meta tag will have msvalidate-01 in it.

Add CNAME record to DNS

If the first two aren’t options for you, you’ll have to go with modifying your DNS. You need to select your DNS (you need to know who your registrar is) and then follow the instructions provided.

Verified Site

If site verification is successful you will see a verified message.
You can always tell if your site is verified with Bing webmaster tools by going to  and looking at your website list. If you see “Site ownership has not been verified. Verify now”, then your site is not verified. Click on Verify now to try the verification again. Otherwise you should see metrics, this means you are all set up!
What is Sitemap?
Sitemap is a tool to inform search engines and users about the structure of your site. It helps to navigate the site easily and understand the importance of any particular page compared to the whole site.

Bing & Yahoo Relationship

The first thing you need to know is that Yahoo is part of the Bing Network. That means that Bing provides the actual search engine for Yahoo searches. The good news is this means you only have to submit your site to Bing and deal with the Bing webmaster tools.
Bing Webmaster Tools Free 7 SEO Tips

Geo-Targeting :-
Bing webmaster Tool Geo Targeting feature is most important and useful feature for country specific target traffic , this feature set automatically crawler the  page or link by country base domain indexing and search queries triggered by users in bing or yahoo search and you make good traffic from specific country and help for searching targeted keywords and audience.

Page Traffic:-
Page traffic define the statistics of your indexed pages on search engine and performance in search engines query, Page traffic show your index page traffic for better results or suggest you what could you to be done for more traffic on your site.  

SEO Reports:-
SEO is Stand for Search Engine Optimization are very useful for On Page or Off Page SEO they Provide all SEO reports for you , cause this built-in  feature show the SEO reports which created by Bing or Yahoo webmaster Team Exports and this reports help you and told you which factor of SEO you have to need work on it.

Mobile Friendless Test:-
Mobile Friendless test is helps the webmaster clients for checking their website or page is mobile friendly or not , if your article or page is mobile friendly than show to you if not they show you the main factor of your article which need to work on it.

Keyword  Research :-
Keyword research is feature allow you search the keywords for your article they suggest you the trending keywords which have some good taste of traffic and good for your articles, I suggest you pick the long tail keywords.

Fetch as Bingbot:-
Fetch as Bingbot this is best feature for quickly index your website article, Yes fetch as Bingbot mean bingbot crawled your link and start index quickly. I suggest you when you create a post or article start index in bing search engine first fetch as bingbot you article link and your article index in bing or yahoo next 24 hours.

 Markup Validator:-
Markup validator is marking option for search queries , they show you where you need to mark for page article keywords and also check the articles body structure for your page taffic.  

Use these features I m sure now you make good Quality organic traffic to your site for SEO tips Follow us and Keep Share With your Friends.
Thank You. 


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