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Google- Webmaster-Rank-Pro-SEO-2019
 Google Webmaster Rank Pro SEO 2019
 How To Submit a Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools. 

Fetch As a Googlebot 
Link To Your Site
Google Data Highlighter 
Keyword Optimized


A sitemap is a word which changed the Bloggers Life if they work better for you than you can reach more Audience, and your content can do your work Good. 
A sitemap is a map who understand web crawler, and see your web content is required for searched keywords related or as same which asked by a user in Search Engine query. 

Now the question is that which Sitemap is Better for My site? Think About it. 

 Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console

Open the Google Webmaster in your web Brower  by click Below Link

You can choose your Gmail Id for login if you don’t have you have to create that

After creating a Gmail Account You Are Able To Sign Up With Google Webmaster Tools,

If  you are using Blogger Hosting then You Just Need to click Setting Icon on  your

Blogger Dashboard > Search Prepreance > Crawlers and indexing > Google Search Console

After Click, you Can Redirect to Google  Webmaster Console

Add a Property 

Enter the Your website Domain Name and Verify your Domain by suitable methods Like Meta Tags Or DNS  Methods
After verifying your  Website Now Your Site are Able for search Engines but they can’t In Search Yes that is the main reason where blogger make mistake and stop there all growth, Google save your Website but they don’t put your site in search result, for Better search results you need to work with Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools

 Submit Your Sitemap

Click the Crawler Icon > Choose The Sitemap Option > Add Sitemap
After your domain Address type sitemap.xml and Submit it

Like that

Now Refresh the Page by Pressing F5 Key you can see your all your link on your site is collected after Submit your sitemap.
But they take time to index.

Fetch as Google

Index the link  by Manual  Fetch as Google Option on Crawler  Tab

You need to copy your article Link and   Paste the click the Fetch Button.
Choose Desktop option the Link is Submitted

Now You can See the request for index button is display on your screen click that button fill the robots captcha and submit that.

Link To Your Site 

This option allows you can check your On-Page SEO or Links with another Website, this features to improve the SEO Backlink which helps to improve the Website Backlink list. Because of more Backlinks more SEO Perfection and make Better Results.

Google Data Highlighter 
Google Data Highlighter
Google Data Highlighter

If we find a specific topic but sometimes we need some words then your Google Highlighter is the same work for you which find your keywords in search which you want to Highlighted , this feature allows to submit  a set of pages which you can manage yourself and tells which type of your content niche, Lets start highlighting your content use Google Highlighter with these few steps.

Search Appearance > Data Highlighter 

The data Highlighter tab is open choose your article link or Website Address Paste on that and Choose your suitable types of articles and select your content which you want to allows to share with Google Webmaster Tools. 

Data Highlighter
Data Highlighter

Now you have to wait that almost one or two weeks for better results than you are able to see your Google Search Performance which is mean a too much value for better search engine optimization.

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 Google- Webmaster-Rank-Pro-SEO-Performance-2019

Google- Webmaster-Rank-Pro-SEO-Performance-2019
Keyword Optimized 

Now, Google Show, your  Articles performance reports in your google webmaster tools
That the time to make a Good sense for increase the traffic to your site,  you can see the all the keywords with have traffic on your site Rank keywords, not sure they get clicked, but they are in search, so make a list of your related keywords and optimize in your articles. You Can  use the Target Country for Better results 
You can Boost your Site Traffic As much you Can Optimize The Keywords.

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